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I am a graduate student, an artist and a writer. I'm 25 years old.
My main media is digital art, but I also work with pencils, ink, watercolours and other media!

In my gallery you will mostly find Original Characters and original illustrations, with the occasional dabble in fanart (Discworld, Gentleman Bastards, Harry Potter etc).

If you wanna see more of my stuff, check out my art blog below!

I appreciate any faves, comments and watches, and will definitely check out your page, too!

See you soon! :heart:


Tumblr Bullet by Pastel-BunBun

Etsy Icon by poserfan

Amber Eyes by SvbwayShayla Day 6: With a weapon of choice by SvbwayShayla Navari Chibi by SvbwayShayla Here under stars far from home by SvbwayShayla Even among a thousand suns... by SvbwayShayla


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:iconiluvyou: COMMISSION INFO :iconiluvyou:
Chibi / Portrait Commissions! [OPEN]I'm opening commissions!
Points might be possible in some cases - just ask.
I don't really have time for bigger commissions right now, so just these two for now.

Chibis: 7€/ 7$


Character Portraits/Headshots: simple - detailed 12-17€ / 12-17$
What I do:
OCs or Canon characters with description and/or reference
Solid colour or simple background (as shown) or clear background/png
No NSFW obvsNo anthros/furries please, but humanoid fantasy species are ok

Emilie Autumn Stamp by justdacat Nine Inch Nails Stamp by dA--bogeyman Subway to Sally by Chistokrovka ASP stamp_revamp by German-Blood Samsas Traum by MephistoFFF VNV Nation Stamp by violet-waves Rise Against Stamp by MintyMaguire


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A new year has begun and I am determined to make more of it than ever, especially where my art is concerned!
So I have decided to do a 365 Day Art Challenge - meaning I'm gonna draw something (and ideally upload something to dA) every day of this year.

This Journal post will serve as an overview of all my art progress this year - here I will collect all 365 deviations as I upload them. I'm hoping that this will give me a good view of the progress I'm hoping to make.

So here we go!


1 Daily Sketch 1/365 by SvbwayShayla2 Daily Sketch 2/365 by SvbwayShayla 3 Daily Sketch 3/365: Im Auge des Sturms Sketch by SvbwayShayla 4 Daily Sketch 4/365: Im Auge des Sturms Lineart by SvbwayShayla 5 Daily Sketch 5/365: Im Auge des Sturms WIP by SvbwayShayla 6 Daily Sketch 6/365 by SvbwayShayla 7 Daily Sketch 7/365 by SvbwayShayla 8  Daily Sketch 8/365 by SvbwayShayla 9  Daily Sketch 9/365 by SvbwayShayla 10  Daily Sketch 10/365 by SvbwayShayla 11  Daily Sketch 11/365 by SvbwayShayla 12 Daily Sketch 12/365 by SvbwayShayla 13 Daily Sketch 13/365 by SvbwayShayla 14 Daily Sketch 14/365 by SvbwayShayla 15 Daily Sketch 15/365 by SvbwayShayla 16 Daily Sketch 16/365 by SvbwayShayla 17 Daily Sketch 17/365 by SvbwayShayla 18  Daily Sketch 18/365: Wardrobe Meme Preview by SvbwayShayla 19 Wardrobe Meme: Lessandero (Daily Sketch 19/365) by SvbwayShayla 20 Daily Sketch 20/365 by SvbwayShayla 21 Hand-Lettered Quote Rothfuss (Daily Sketch 21/365) by SvbwayShayla 22  Hand-Lettered Quote Com. (Daily Sketch 22/365) by SvbwayShayla 23 Daily Sketch 23/365 by SvbwayShayla 24  Chaos New Design Lineart (Daily Sketch 24/365) by SvbwayShayla 25  Chaos New Design Colour (Daily Sketch 25/865) by SvbwayShayla 26  Daily Sketch 26/365 by SvbwayShayla 28/29  Daily Sketch 28-29/365 by SvbwayShayla

  • Jan 1: 1 page of warm-up sketches, colour work on the comic page
  • Jan 2: 1 page of warm-up sketches, colour work on the comic page
  • Jan 3: 1 cute little sketch during P&P, sketches for "Im Auge des Sturms"
  • Jan 4: more sketches, lineart and the beginnings of colour for "Im Auge des Sturms"
  • Jan 5: more colour work on "Im Auge des Sturms"
  • Jan 6: colour and text work on the comic
  • Jan 7: lineart, colour and text work on the comic, fixed up some errors on the finished comic pages
  • Jan 8: added some details and lighting to the cover, made a preliminary cover to send out for feedback, storyboard and sketches for 4 more comic pages
  • Jan 9: sketched out a commission for approval, 1 quick sketch of Lessandero and Demian, storyboard and sketches for 1 and a half more comic pages
  • Jan 10: made a list of things to fix on the cover after feedback from friends, small lineart fixes on one comic page, sketches for another, walking/running study
  • Jan 11: sketch and lineart work on the comic, also did some research on possible Cons to attend
  • Jan 12: 1 page of warm-up sketches, lineart work on the comic, storyboarding for a couple more pages spent way too much time trying to do an expression chart for Lessandero and failed miserably. Also researched some printing options (and holy fuck that shit's expensive. I am no longer surprised at the high cost of graphic novels etc)
  • Jan 13: 1 page of warm-up sketches
  • Jan 14: 1 page of warm-up sketches
  • Jan 15: quick digital sketch
  • Jan 16: sketch portrait
  • Jan 17: sketched out new design for one of my older quote-books
  • Jan 18: did almost the entirety of a wardrobe meme for Lessandero, sketch, lineart, colour and half of the shading.
  • Jan 19: finished the wardrobe meme; shading, lighting and some details.
  • Jan 20: half a page of warm-up sketches (I'm sick D: )
  • Jan 21: made some adjustments to the new design for the Rothfuss quote-book and made a sample copy.
  • Jan 22: designed and started a commissioned quote-book, pencil drawing of my new P&P character
  • Jan 23: 1 page of warm-up sketches, finished the commissioned quote-book
  • Jan 24: Lineart of Chaos' new design
  • Jan 25: sketched out a few design ideas for the Etsy shop, colour on Chaos' new design
  • Jan 26: a bunch of character study sketches of Demian
  • Jan 27: quick sketch of Lessandero
  • Jan 28: new sketch of Chaos
  • Jan 29: lineart on Chaos' picture
  • Jan 30: beginnings of colour on Chaos' picture
  • Jan 31: new sketch of Lessandero and Demian


1 & 2  In This Together Lineart (Daily Sketch 31-33/365) by SvbwayShayla 3, 4, 9 & 13  In This Together WIP by SvbwayShayla 8  Daily Sketch 39/365 by SvbwayShayla 18  Digital Portrait WIP (Daily Sketch 49/365) by SvbwayShayla

  • Feb 1: Lineart on the new picture "In This Together"
  • Feb 2: Lineart on "In This Together"
  • Feb 3: Colour on "In This Together"
  • Feb 4: More Colour on "In This Together"
  • Feb 5: Sketch of Victor and Alistair
  • Feb 6: More work on the sketch of Victor and Alistair
  • Feb 7: Beginning of Lineart on Victor and Alistair
  • Feb 8: quick pencil portrait of Alistair
  • Feb 9: more colour work on "In This Together"
  • Feb 10: commissioned bookmark, unsuccessful try at inking a comic page
  • Feb 11: more successful try at inking, managed more than two comic pages
  • Feb 12: inked one more comic page
  • Feb 13: some colour work on "In This Together", comic inking, plus new crafting project.
  • Feb 14: lineart on a commission, comic inking, more crafting.
  • Feb 15: half a page of inking
  • Feb 16: half a page of inking, more crafting.
  • Feb 17: half a page of inking
  • Feb 18: started a new digital portrait of Lessandero
  • Feb 19: portrait work
  • Feb 20: portrait work
  • Feb 21: two commissioned bookmarks, comic inking
  • Feb 22: -
  • Feb 23: -
  • Listening to: ASP
  • Reading: Moab is my Washpot - Stephen Fry
  • Watching: 8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown
  • Drinking: Orange Tea


Digital Portrait WIP II (Daily Sketch 50-51/365)
More progress! It's getting somewhere, though it still needs quite a lot of polishing. I'm not really happy with the expression and the eyes still seem kind of lopsided.. just a bit off. And there's a lot of small things left to fix.
I just need to be patient about it.
Digital Portrait WIP (Daily Sketch 49/365)
Today's project: a digital portrait rendered in great detail in a way that I haven't really attempted so far. Still a lot of work left on this but I rather like it so far. I don't think I've ever managed to render a nose so well before :D


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